The NEW (and hopefully final) facelift of FOS blog!

i hope you noticed how prettyfuls everything is now, and if you didn't, then just look at this screenshot...of the page you're viewing! Sorry! just trying out some new features. there are still some tweaks i want to add, but just no one PLEASE don't tamper with it or anything. it took me forever to pick out the template! i feel soo smarticle cuz im getting my html knowledge back! I also realized our old posts have nothing to do with anything, but i dont have the heart to delete them. as you all know, i live on memories, and i consider these posts to be a significant  one so there, they're staying! haha i laughed because there was one with a paper crane! i was going to use it...but it looked kinda cheesy, do i used this artsy one! i hope you like it!


P.S. if you have anything you'd like to put on the about, contact, or faq page, you can edit that. just go to the list of posts, and go all the way back, i backdated the timestamp so it wouldn't show up in recent posts!
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1 Response to "The NEW (and hopefully final) facelift of FOS blog!"

  1. Ellen says:
    1/02/2010 4:24 PM

    It looks great =] And don't under estimate /my/ HTML skills, I'm the one who got you into it ;)

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