1000 CRANES!!

yes! you heard it! we did it! we officially have over 1000 cranes!!! the last step is, we have to get together (yes ALL of us!) and count them out...every...single...one. we're even going to make a video that we're going to post HERE! of us counting them! hopefully we can do this soon, so that all of them are together *ELLEN* and we can make it official, we'll also discuss what we're going to do next. ahh, i was just looking at the post about our 300 crane talk, and now look at us! our much anticipated 1000 crane talk ahhh! sure, it's 3 years overdue, but we procrastinate, get forcibly split apart and went through a decent amount of other turbulence. It's kind of sad, the final crane count, at least for now, but i mean, there are so many memories in those cranes. a year of sitting at recess, making each one, with our counts every week *tears up*. well, as you can see it's kinda late so im going to stop now.


So short...but sweet
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